Choosing a surrogate mother/egg donor

Start screening and preparation for embryo transfer

Surrogate mother’s screening is one among the foremost necessary portion of process. Before a lady becomes a surrogate, she should be cleared for her own safety also as for the baby she carries for her intending parents.

The preparation of the mother starts one month before the embryo transfer. This process will likely be handled by an prescribed fertility clinic. The intended mother or egg donor are going to be given medication to assistance her expand eggs and can undergo an egg retrieval procedure. The eggs are then fertilized within the laboratory to an embryo, which can be transferred to the surrogate.

The surrogate will undergo fertility treatments before the embryo transfer and through the pregnancy. Once a healthy pregnancy is confirmed and therefore the baby’s heartbeat is heard, the surrogate will start receiving payments for base compensation and monthly allowance. She’ll also start receiving prenatal care, which can continue throughout the pregnancy.

Whether you're a single man or woman or a couple, you may select to a surrogate to assistance bring your dreams of parenthood to reality.

When you are looking for a surrogate with whom you’ll entrust the primary nine months of your baby’s life, you’ll wish to get someone who’ll treat the pregnancy as if it were her own.

There are a no of necessary factors to think about when choosing a carrier for your surrogate baby including:

The surrogate’s lifestyle choices including their history of drinking and substance ab. the value of the surrogacy process—this includes surrogacy compensation, health and life assurance, valid fees, agency fees, psychological screening and monitoring, travel costs, medical expenses, and egg donation compensation and expenses (if applicable). The valid issues—the laws on surrogacy vary state to state, therefore the location of your surrogate is an necessary issue to think about.

What quite relationship you would like to possess with the surrogate after the baby is born—you might need the surrogate to remain an integral portion of your child’s life, or have the connection complete upon delivery. Once you’ve determined that the surrogate you’ve matched with is true for you, you’re prepared to maneuver on to the subsequent step of the surrogacy process.