ISDC is a Full-Service Gestational Surrogate Matching Agency.

At ISDC, our passion is to assistance you fulfill your dreams and that we strongly believe everyone deserves the chance to become a parent. Our individual processes are all just some of one greater whole – the surrogacy journey. While we may each play a special role in your journey, we do not function independently. We're all invested in each and each case, and we're all here to assistance you at any time. Our caring staff will guide you toward your goal of becoming a parent, while recognizing the incredible journey you're on. ISDC provides compassion and skilled care to all or any parties involved within the gestational surrogacy process. We proposal the very best quality gestational surrogates; each has been personally interviewed and screened, and they are prepared to be matched with all intended parents. We're located in Georgia which has a number of the foremost favorable surrogacy and donor laws. Georgian Family Law statutes defend all parties in surrogate pregnancies and egg donor cycles, and Georgian courts have consistently protected intended parents’ rights and obligations to their parenthood, no matter whether the oldsters their own genetic material, donor eggs, or donor sperm.

What does the law say?