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Why Georgia?

Georgia is close to other European countries, several of which ban surrogacy.

The cost of surrogacy in Georgia is one of the most affordable in the world.

Georgia law supports a safe and secure surrogacy journey.

Our Mission

Make your dream come true.

We know that becoming a parent is what's most significant to you. We are the only agency who will allow you to choose a Surrogate, speak along side her and ensure your match before retaining our services. We feel it’s extremely important for you to match with the right Surrogate which we take great pride in making wonderful matches for our Intended Parents.

We are also available to help you within the choice of an Egg Donor if you desire. Also, does one need to have a desire to speak with/meet along side your Egg Donor; we'll coordinate that for you furthermore may provided the Egg Donor is willing/available.

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About Us

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ISDC is a Full-Service Gestational Surrogate Matching Agency. Our passion is to help you fulfill your dreams and we strongly believe everyone deserves the opportunity to become a parent.

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